Scarlet Wives release new single “Smoking Pistol”

Last week, Montreal’s Apocalypse Rock Trio Scarlet Wives released their new single “Smoking Pistol”. Banging riffs, sassy haunting vocals, nothing short of a modern rock anthem. This new single comes at you with a heavy-hitting hook that’s both self-empowering and resenting the state of the world. Originally about hating the ceaseless hours working in the service industry to make ends meet, “Smoking Pistol” reflects life’s anguish, from daily frustrations to existential anxiety. Although this may sound dark, the song makes you feel like an empowered badass ready to take the world into your own hands. “Smoking Pistol” is their second release after their debut single Dream Funeral, both available on all streaming platforms.

Neon lights. Sweaty nights. From dreamy grunge to unfiltered rock & roll. Scarlet Wives are a self-proclaimed “apocalyptic fairy grunge rock” trio, with music that pulls you into their realm of fantasy and chaos. The Montreal-based rock/psych/pop/grunge group formed during the pandemic and wanted to bring a modern touch to their favourite old-school punk rock and riot grrrl sounds. If Iggy Pop and Hole had a baby in dystopia, it would be this band.

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