Arsenal Mills releases new single, “Songs About Love”

Canadian blues-rock band Arsenal Mills is back with another retro-fueled rock n’ roll tease ahead of their upcoming debut EP. An absolute breath of fresh air in terms of modern rock, “Songs About Love”.

Unlike the PEI-based outfit’s previous single, “Cry No More” — which is a perfect tune for driving at a high speed, windows down, in the middle of summer — “Songs About Love” is an emotional journey of rock n’ roll which really pulls at the heartstrings. Arsenal Mills frontman Brad Milligan says it “touches on the idea of innocence” and that it’s about “being young and naive.”

“I wanted the main character to be someone who hasn’t experienced all the joys and heartache that love brings,” Milligan says. “All they know about love is what they’ve heard about it in songs on the radio, which to me is such an interesting concept.”

With that concept in mind, it seems fitting that this song (about love) kicks off with a piano hook sent from the heavens. Though it was played by one-off guest pianist Ben Aitken, it is genuinely such a memorable piece of music that it’s bound to become an instant classic in the modern rock scene.

Slap a soulful electric guitar solo, tickling drum fills, and a chorus that begs for mass audience participation in the mix and you’ve got yourself a metaphorical ear message. These enchanting musical elements make “Songs About Love” the perfect track to raise your lighters (or phones) to.

Check out “Songs About Love” below, and stay up to date with the band via their socials.

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