Andrea Ramolo shares new single “DUST”

Earlier this week, singer-songwriter Andrea Ramolo released her new single “DUST”, lead track from her upcoming album Quarantine Dream. DUST is a song scripted in isolation about the fine line between human connection and toxic attachment. It’s about our human longing and addictions… to things… to each other… and about the acceptance that we are truly mirrors for one another in this life. We all have our poison, which I believe must be embraced without judgement.  And we all need love.”

The video, directed by Nikki Ormerod, features a stunning contemporary choreographed piece. Andrea shares:

“The record is all about dreams… the bad and the good… the extreme hopes and aspirations and feelings of loss and loneliness and all of that this pandemic has inspired. I knew on this record that I wanted to create moving visuals with dance which was my first love and my foray into music. I started off my artistic life as a dancer and was thrilled to get to do a contemporary choreographed piece alongside National Ballet of Canada and Red Sky Performance’s Jera Wolfe.  He’s unreal. Old time friend Nikki Ormerod who I met shooting my second solo album cover back in 2009 up in The Tragically Hip’s barn in Bath, Ontario and I always wanted to get creative together. She is one of the most successful commercial photographers in the city and has made some beautiful short films and shot videos for Big Wreck’s Ian Thornley and poet/author Rip Kaur for Jimmy Fallon. My song DUST naturally lived somewhere deep in her visionary mind and we created an elegantly gothic and gorgeous visual piece, which Nikki calls a short opera, choreographed by Shawn Bracke.”

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