PREMIERE – Jane Mathew releases new single, “No One”

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter Jane Mathew has teamed up with us at Canadian Beats to unveil her debut single, “No One”, from her forthcoming album, Such Perfect Lives, which is set for release in Fall 2021. The single will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow (June 25, 2021).

The track begins with delicate strums of ukulele and builds into a surprising mix of instruments (including acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, piano, and organ) bringing this debut track to life with a full studio sound, beautifully put together featuring talent not often found in a debut. It’s the first single off Jane Mathew’s forthcoming album, covering feelings of loneliness & pain when surrounded by superficial relationships. This song was inspired by growing up in a community where people weren’t given the space to make mistakes and grow from them.

“I never questioned it until it happened to someone close to me and I saw all their relationships suddenly turn superficial,” said Jane. “No one really cared about digging deeper and trying to understand them, people just wanted things to look nice on the surface. This opened my eyes to how lonely and painful it can be to only have superficial relationships. Yeah, people are being polite and saying hi but it just feels fake because the elephant in the room isn’t being addressed.”

Although this is the first track to be released from Such Perfect Lives, it’s a strong debut single release that leaves the listener wanting more from this Canadian newcomer. The beat, mixed with lyrics that many, if not all, can relate to. The lyrics, “Cause everybody smiles, everybody waves, no one ever stops to give you the time of day, Watching people come, watching people go, unless you give them reason, no one’s ever gonna stay”, relays a strong message of those relationships that we all have had, or are currently dealing with.

I personally can’t wait to hear more from Jane, and if the rest of the tracks from Such Perfect Lives are as relatable and dripping with truth as this track, she’s on her own to something great!

Such Perfect Lives was produced by Simon Ng at Signals and Noises Studio and mastered by Ethereal Mastering, made possible by the support of Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.

Check out “No One” below, and stay up to date with Jane via her socials.

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