Nick Ferrio shares single “Worthy of Love” from new LP “Television of Roses”

On Friday, acclaimed songwriter Nick Ferrio released his latest LP “Television of Roses”, and gave a sneak peek with single “Worthy of Love” a few days before the release.

Ferrio explains:

“Much of the album is about deception in some way or another. ‘Worthy Of Love’ sort of encompasses that best. It’s about understanding the obstacles we set up in front of ourselves. Personal deception and self-sabotage. It’s about opening up and trying to figure out how to be a better human being, be more vulnerable.”

With “Television of Roses”, Ferrio arrives upon his decade-long commitment of solo creations with this collection of tactile memories, conversations and wisdoms. He has packaged a document for his son and the state of mind that fatherhood introduced, “Being a parent has made my focus more intense. Thinking of life through the metaphor of a camera, the aperture has been adjusted and what is important is now much more clear. Music and family are the subject and everything else is just noise in the background.”.  Recorded by Jonas Bonnetta of Evening Hymns at his rural Port William Sound studio, the 15-year friendship between them and deep-rooted Tom Petty appreciation returned into depth of song: “Jonas has this adept ability to make me and my band feel comfortable. He’s able to conjure and capture magic. We spent nights together in a cabin, working out arrangements for the next day’s session huddled around the woodstove and listening to Full Moon Fever on repeat.”. You can listen to “Television of Roses” here.

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