Review – Courtney Wolfe

Album: New Moon
Release Date: June 11, 2021
Genre: Alt-Pop

New Moon is the debut release from Ontario’s own Courtney Wolfe. The EP was produced by Sydney Johnson at Wonlife Music Group.

Have you ever felt you have found the “one” but you start to doubt yourself when it’s you that isn’t comfortable with the way things are going? That is the story of this release. The story is woven through 5 tracks detailing the start of a relationship going great up until it falls apart, then you are left with nothing but anger and sadness, and finally, acceptance and you are content with yourself.  Musically it has the makings of an indie-pop hit mixed with a little bit of Early P!nk meets early 2000’s R&B infused guitar.

Stand out tracks include “Like A Lady” with a musical plea that someone doesn’t want to give back the same energy to the relationship with the phrase “I wanna hold your hand but you’re just a man” signifying that you were just a fling in my interpretation of this song. “Make Me Forget” signifies the ending of the relationship as the protagonist knows it with the chorus ringing out “Can you make me forget once more? Regret once more can you make me forget ‘Bout how I swore I’d never want you back.”

Courtney is vulnerable as a person, and as a musician stunningly and achingly on point. Overall, the release gives a sign of hope that one will find the love of their life you have a nasty breakup but you start to work on yourself and know what you want in your life then you find that special someone and it could be with another person or maybe just maybe it could be you just want to be with yourself.

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