Weekly Beat Down – June 14, 2021 to June 19, 2021

Good Monday morning, afternoon everyone out there!! Thank you for joining us on another fantastic showdown of the Weekly Beat Down. The rules are simple, we will feature two songs to go head-to-head for your votes. You the fans have from Monday to Saturday night to hit the anonymous vote button at the bottom of the page. The winner will be decided by whichever song has the most votes at the end of the week. But the Beatdown is not the only songs that I’ve got featured this week, just down below you can find more in the video. They’re called Zacks picks of the week and they’re my handpicked recommendations from our website. So enjoy all of this great music in the video below and let’s get started this week.

He’s returning after the outstanding victory in last week’s debut, Toronto pop dynamo Andrew Cassara is back with the video for his song “Gimme More Bass”. That is coming off of his latest EP called “Move That Body”. It was released back in December, so go check it out on all streaming platforms right now. Combining the Backstreet Boys pop sound with his love for Funk and disco, Andrew created the catchy track that is our competitor this week. If you enjoy his son be sure to cast your votes for your favourite at the bottom of the page. But before you do that, you should check out the full video for Andrew Cassare’s single “Gimme More Bass” now!

The next artist and song that will be jumping on to the Beat Down, it’s Breagh Isabel from Halifax and her debut video for “Girlfriends”. You can find this amazing song on all streaming platforms now, so do yourself a favour and check it out. But this will mark her first release after signing with Warner Music Canada. Congratulations and we all can’t wait to hear all of the great new music coming from Breagh in the future. If you enjoy her song “Girlfriends”, be sure to cast your vote for your favourite this week in the competition. But don’t forget to check out the full video for Breagh Isabel’s debut single girlfriends” right here!

Those are going to be the two fantastic songs you, the fans will be voting on the Weekly Beat Down. So be sure to hit the anonymous vote button, that way your vote is counted in for your favourite song. But you better get your friends involved by using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown, that way your favourite artist moves on to the next round. Good luck everyone!

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That’s going to conclude our Beat Down this week, I really hope you enjoy the two songs facing off. We will be back next Monday of course, with the results from this week’s beat down. Also, I’ll have a fresh batch of recommendations on Zach’s picks of the week, so I’ll see you then. Stay safe out there and spread some positivity in the world. PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!!

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