Review – Reid Zoé

Album: Shed My Skin
Release Date: June 4, 2021
Genre: Indie Folk

Shed My Skin is the debut release from Toronto, ON-based artist Reid Zoé.

Have you ever been content in your life with everything that has been going on to this point? Are you truly happy with the decisions you have made? This is the theme of this release. It feels like there has been a terminal illness that has befallen the protagonist, and that they have accepted death and are just living out the rest of their days.

Stand-out tracks include “The Moon”, which shares the message that the partner of the protagonist is having trouble accepting that they are terminally ill, and they turn to alcoholism to cope. The chorus sings out to have the moral support that one requires and isn’t putting in the effort to do so. Musically, it is the sound of heartbreak. Where you have tried so hard to keep the relationship alive but have failed in the end.

Th latest single, “When I Go’ is when the protagonist has fully accepted that it is their time to finally go and giving the last wishes to loved ones.

Reid shares,

“On the surance, “When I Go” is a song about dying – but it’s really all of the questions that come with being a human on this earth. It’s the acceptance that we don’t know everything, and that’s okay. We are part of everything. It’s about the joy that can come with the realization that ‘nothing really matters’.”

Overall the album is showing a vulnerable side of a person as they say goodbye to the life they have lived. They have sewn their wild oats and are ready to face the end of their existence.

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