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Karli June is an emerging country artist that calls Listowel, Ontario, home and has a few singles under her belt. She’s starting to really make a name for herself in this genre of music.

On May 28, Karli June released her third single, “Home Team” via The Orchard / Sony Music Canada and all streaming platforms. The track was co-written by Karli June, Karen Kosowski (Meghan Patrick, The Washboard Union, Tim Hicks), and Tori Tullier. “Home Team” illustrates how all the supporters in one’s life are always there – during the good and bad, and are always on our side and in our hearts. It paints the perfect small-town picture of this story.

In 2020, she released “Say Too Much,” a collaboration with Scott Chesak (All American Rejects), which has been streamed over 120,000 times on Spotify.

Karli June’s second release was “Heart Drunk.” It was co-written with GRAMMY-nominated, CCMA, and SOCAN Award-winning and JUNO nominated songwriter Deric Ruttan (Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Eric Church) and produced by award-winning producer Karen Kosowski (Brett Kissel, Madeline Merlo, The Washboard Union). “With its anthemic chorus and evocative vocals, this single takes the listener through a whirlwind romance characterized by the thrill and intoxicating feeling of falling in love.” This tune also earned Karli June a finalist spot on the Jim Beam® Virtual National Talent Search which provides Canada’s best new artists with a virtual stage, ownership of their recordings, and starring roles in an event streamed via during Canadian Music Week.

Canadian Beats caught up with Karli June, for a quick Q&A to find out more about her new single and more. We thank her for taking the time for this hang and would like to congratulate her on all her recent successes and the release of “Home Team.”

Now, on to the interview I had with Karli June, via email. Check out my questions and her answers. I got to know a lot about this very kind, caring, and talented artist.

Hi Karli. Let’s start with your new single, “Home Team” …

I love it and especially the line, “every heart’s got a home team.” How true that is! And, your voice is flawless.

Can you tell us how this song came about and what it means to you? What influences were behind it?

I had the song title “Home Team” in my head for a while before we wrote this song but I wasn’t sure exactly how it would go. I wanted it to be a song that felt like a hometown hockey game and celebrate all of the people in your life that stick with you no matter what. I come from a small town that I love, where I have so many people – especially my family – that have believed in me since the day I started in music and I wanted to write this song for them.

What do you hope people take away from this tune?

I hope they feel reminiscent of memories with their closest people! I hope it reminds them of wedding days, graduations, phone calls home when you just need to hear your mom’s voice … or whoever you call during a hard day. I hope it is the song they turn on when they’re driving to see someone they love – that they turn it up loud and celebrate those special people!

Who produced “Home Team” and how was it accomplished, with times being as they are?

“Home Team” was produced by the amazing Karen Kosowski. We wrote it with our friend Tori Tullier pre-pandemic in Nashville. We then were able to finish the vocals through Zoom here in Canada!

With the world being as it is right now, what did you discover about yourself during this new creative process?

This song meant even more to me through the pandemic – not being able to be close to the people that this song is written about. Singing the vocals while we were recording it felt very emotional to me. It definitely taught me that “where there’s a will, there’s a way … ” we could keep going on this song and my record, even if not how we expected!

Do you have any stories to tell regarding this single?

Every lyric in this song is a true story. The first verse talks about my dad’s Camaro – which is really real. My dad is an extremely talented mechanic and his 68 Camaro is his baby! It’s very common to drive in the laneway to my dad popping his head out of his shop where he’s been working hard on it.

Stream or download “Home Town” here.

Now, on to some randoms …

How did all this begin for you?

Nine years old singing in school. I honestly felt in my heart that this was what I was going to do with my life. From there I started singing in church and discovered how music could make people feel – that’s where it went from being something I loved to do, to something I knew was part of my purpose in life.

What is your favourite and least favourite part about this line of work and why?

Even the things I struggle within this industry are things I am grateful for because they help me grow. It’s quite challenging. Trying to get a chance as a new artist has taken a lot of confidence ¬– you get a lot of doors closed for everyone that opens! But it’s helped me to find my strength and I am really proud of that. But I couldn’t do it without the support of my loved ones.

Getting your music heard is a very real challenge these days. How are managing to get your music out there and how big of a challenge is it?

I try not to put too much pressure on number of streams because right now I am a new artist, as you said. I am just trying to stay true to me, work hard, surround myself with a great team in the industry – and I know the rest will follow at the right time. I believe that any song can be the one that changes the game in your career. I am trying to focus on making the best music I can make – and I know the rest will come!

Because you are a songwriter, when you hear a tune for the first time, do you search out the songwriter(s) are and find other tunes they have written because you are drawn more to the lyrics rather than the melody and sound of the particular artist?

Absolutely. I am known to be constantly saying, “who wrote this?!” in the car and looking up the song credits. I even got my fiancé, who is not a musician, into doing that too … haha!

You must have some coping mechanisms, other than music and singing, to help you get through this time to help you stay healthy and happy. What are they?

My faith in God. Even through this pandemic, knowing that God has a plan for all of our lives has given me perspective each day. I believe that the hard times are all part of helping us grow as people. I also try to take good physical care of myself, as I know it really changes how I feel mentally. I am not perfect though – I struggle with these things on many days. I try to remind myself on a bad day that tomorrow is a new chance to try again!

What artists have the most influence over you?

I love Carrie Underwood. I would love to tour with her one day!

Have you ever had the chance to meet an artist that you looked up to?

When I was young my dad took me to see Shania Twain when she was on Canada AM morning show. I never got to meet her but we were pretty close … that was so cool to me, and so thoughtful of my dad!

If you could choose just one artist to collaborate with, one who you haven’t worked with, who would that be?

It’s so hard to choose just one – but I would love to collaborate with Carrie Underwood. If I ever release a gospel album, perhaps we could get her to join in! Haha.

Rising to the challenge of this pandemic, what is one message you would give to your fans?

We’re going to come out of this stronger than we entered it! Be kind to people around you, be kind to yourself – and know that there are amazing days to come!

And last but not least, if you can have one thing that your fans could remember about you, what would it be?

We’re going to come out of this stronger than we entered it! Be kind to people around you, be kind to yourself — and know that there are amazing days to come!

We, at, thank you Karli so much for taking the time for this interview and helping your fans get to know you a little more. We wish you much success with “Home Team” and continued success with all the great stuff that is coming your way.

Thank you so much for having me! It’s a true honour. Can’t wait to catch up again soon! Take care, you guys.

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