Review – Andrew Hyatt

Album: Wild Flowers
Release Date: May 28, 2021
Genre: Country

As we are managing our way through this pandemic and a still uncertain immediate future, the perfect collection of songs has made its way to us by Andrew Hyatt and his latest EP Wild Flowers. It’s an emotion-fuelled four-song collection recorded live off the floor that has Hyatt being the sole or co-writer on each song. This album does not just feature Hyatt’s abilities as a songwriter, his voice also doubtlessly leaves us with knowing that this album is an exceptional one. Wild Flowers the follow-up to his February 2021 acoustic EP The Wanderspace Sessions.

Says Hyatt about this album,

“Wild Flowers is one of the most personal records I’ve written to date. The people I’ve met, the experience I’ve had, all that has shaped who I am both as an artist and a human being. Cutting this record with my band live in the studio gave me the chance to get everything out all at once – it was incredibly cathartic and I hope others find the same freedom in these songs.”

This 14 minutes and 17 seconds EP takes you through darkness, empathy and hope, joy and redemption. It reaches inside your heart and deep into your soul. It opens your mind and touches your spirit. The lyrics in this collection have a lot of meaning behind them – lyrics so strong that they pull at all your emotions.

“Roaches” is a post-relationship ballad that has the reminiscence of the ’70s rock vibe. It’s dark and full of lyrics that you never saw coming but all the same just grabs you. It’s personal.

“The Raven” is one that, I believe, brings mental awareness to the forefront. Knowing that you can reach out to someone in distress to bring him or her back “to a safe haven” … well … that’s what makes this song a powerful one. This one has tenderness to it.

“Wild Flowers” is such an uplifting tune with its upbeat melody. If you want to live your life to its fullest, regardless of what is thrown your way, this track could be the one to get you there. Or, it could be a tune to put you in a great mood. It will give you strength.

“Jesus and the Whiskey” is all about redemption, is cathartic and life-affirming – a reflection of where you were to where you are and how you can fully understand what works and what doesn’t. This one will allow you to shine.

Hyatt has truly done something extraordinary for himself with Wild Flowers. On the off chance that you take away even one piece from this EP and put it into your own life, you very well could discover something you’ve been searching for.

Wild Flowers track listing:
Roaches (Andrew Hyatt)
Ravens (Andrew Hyatt, Martin Darrell McPhail)
Wild Flowers (Andrew Hyatt, Martin Darrell McPhail)
Jesus and Whiskey (Andrew Hyatt, Patricia Conroy, Karen Kosinski)

Wild Flowers will also be available in a limited-release vinyl compilation, paired with his 2020 EP Neverland, which includes the Top 15 title-track hit and “Didn’t Know Me.”

Download or stream Wild Flowers HERE.

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