Flara K releases new single, “Rumours & Doubts”

Montreal, QC-based duo, Flara K are back with their new single, “Rumours & Doubt”.

The new song came out of the duo’s (Sam Martel & Collin Steinz) self-realization that they were often second-guessing themselves and looking externally for confirmation and validation. This resulted in a toxic, negative headspace that was rooted in a lack of confidence and trust and they wanted to change that.

They quickly gravitated to the idea of reinventing themselves and “Rumours & Doubts” came naturally and felt like a fitting start to this new chapter. With the new music, they are ready to approach creativity with invincibility and less hesitation – a concept they inherited on a 2-day writing session with Edwin Raphael in a boathouse out near Wakefield, ON.

“We had spent so many nights during the winter drinking wine and talking about life, and why we react to certain things the way we do. We couldn’t quite put our finger on the reason why – was it something we inherited from our parents or were we afraid of what people might think?” Collin continues; “We just realized we have such a hard time trusting ourselves to do the right thing, and so we always look for external validation or approval. It made us exhausted, and we made a conscious decision to look inward for validation moving forward, and ended up writing Rumours & Doubts soon after.”

“Rumours & Doubts is their first self-produced track and was written and recorded during the winter months of 2021 in their Montreal suburbs apartment. Check it out below, and stay up to date with Flara K via their socials.

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