Delyn Grey releases new single, “Daddy’s Love”

On May 22 we saw the release of emerging Toronto-based singer-songwriter Delyn Grey’s single “Daddy’s Love”, accompanied by a hard-hitting music video produced by Persephone Media.

In “Daddy’s Love”, independent grunge-rocker Delyn Grey uses her mature voice and newfangled vocals to power through an uncompromisingly direct, and honest tune.  “Daddy’s Love” fearlessly talks through the often dirty fight needed to prevail against outsider assumptions beyond one’s own control. Grey comments on the subject,

“I want people to feel empowered to deflect other people’s defeatist projections with this one…  Don’t ever let anyone dictate what your relationship with your passion, loved-ones, and yourself should look like. It’s not up to them and you must be pretty cool if people are trying to keep you from reaching your full potential, ha!”

The tune begins with a badass progression of electric guitar and drums lending a hand back to classic rock sounds and builds tension towards the first lyric, keeping us on the edge of our seats until then.  The song continues into an exciting and beautifully dark arrangement of sound and lyrics which propels us deeper into the overarching narrative Grey has created. The marriage of a pertinent melody and high-powered lyrical choices really packs a punch with this song.

The music video produced by Persephone Media and directed by Telly Bitsakakis pulls no punches with the visual narrative either. In the video, we are introduced to a bloody Delyn Grey discovering her guitar in a vast industrial environment. We are soon taken back in time to the source of her cuts and bruises in a basement where she is bound to a chair and faces the torturous actions of a  group of sinister men. The raw, unpurified visuals do great justice to Grey’s lyrical passion and honesty towards the theme and significance of this track. Grey’s humility is laid bare throughout this tune and it offers a great opportunity to appreciate her musicianship and equally, her ability to compose a catchy tune.

Following Grey’s release of Ghost Town earlier this year she’s absolutely knocked another one out of the park with Daddy’s Love. Delyn Grey is a musical maverick who will no doubt face great success with her deviant high energy rock and roll music and electric performances, which you cannot miss once venues re-open.

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