Weekly Beat Down – May 24, 2021 to May 29, 2021

Well, it looks like we’ve got ourselves some amazing Canadian music joining us at the tee-off.  Welcome back to the Weekly Beat Down everyone it’s time for the best in Canadian music, to grace your screens once again. This is our weekly competition where two songs and artists will face off for your votes at home. It’ll be running from Monday to Saturday night so, be sure to get your friends involved by using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown. But I’ve also got some amazing recommendations in the video below, so let us check them out and meet our two artists for this week’s Beat Down.

Returning for possibly his final week here on the competition. Toronto singer-songwriter Niall Sexton is back once again with his amazing single “SKiN”. If you haven’t by now you should be checking out his song on all your favourite streaming platforms. It’s beyond catchy, so if you enjoy it be sure to get your votes in for Niall at the bottom of the page. I’m sure he’ll appreciate going to the Hall of Fame next week. But one more time you can check in his video for the single “SKiN” right here, Good Luck Niall Sexton!

Next up we’ve got a brand new artist coming to the competition from Regina, Saskatchewan. Pop singer Shayla Souliere has released the new single “Touch & Go”, the single is available for streaming now. It’s a catch you feel-good tune about, keeping your momentum and looking forward in life. If you enjoy Shayla’s new single and want to help her out in this week’s competition. Be sure to cast your vote at the bottom of the page, but before you do that check out the new video. This is going to be Shayla Souliere with her new single “Touch & Go” on the Weekly Beat Down.

Those are going to be the two amazing artists facing off for your votes this week. Please be sure to cast your vote from Monday to Saturday night. Hit the anonymous vote button to secure your vote and share with your friends using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown. Remember the song counting with the most votes will move on to Victory, so Good Luck everyone!

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Thank you so much for joining us on this beautiful Music Monday. I hope you found some great new music to listen to, but you can always check out the website for more. I’ll catch you in the next one when I will most likely have more fantastic music for you. So as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!!

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