Interview – J.C. Brae

Sudbury, ON-based country artist, J.C. Brae has released his new honky-tonk lovin’ single, “Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night”.

A self-described “country boy,” this Canuck took his guitar and his dream to Tennessee where he laid the tracks for his first eponymous album. An experience he recalls he’ll “never forget,” Brae leaves it all on the dance floor with this jukebox swingin’ anthem that’s everything you want in a fresh country cut, and more.

An instant country classic, “Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night” is an ode to a familiar sentiment — getting out from under a week of work and using up all you’ve got left to give yourself a right good time out that you’ve earned.

True grit, hillbilly guitars, and an unmistakable country twang, this song dares you to line dance with your sweetheart until you’ve worn the souls down on your Justins before you stumble back to sleep it off till next weekend.

“From sundown to the morning light,” Brae promises on the track, “We’re gonna find us a hardwood floor and dance like we’ve never danced before!”

Check out “Saving’ It Up For Saturday Night” below, and find out more about J.C. via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Absolutely! My name is J.C. Brae, I’m a Canadian Country Music Artist, and I am originally from Sudbury, Ontario.

Tell us about the recording process behind “Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night”?

Let me first say, the recording process behind, “Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night”, was more than just recording, it was a life experience that I think about every single day. Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night was written by Tom Paden, Eddie Kilgallon, and Greg Cook. I was very fortunate to have had some of the best studio musicians playing on this single. From, the amazing Johnny Hiland on keyboards, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and lead guitar, to Denny Hemingson on Steel and Lap guitar, Nate Mason on Drums, and of course Steve Thomas on Fiddle.

I recorded this single in Nashville, TN; every country music artist’s dream. The kindness and hospitality I received from everyone who was involved in this recording, was by far the best. Like I say, it was more than just a recording, it literally changed my life. I didn’t think I would come out of a recording studio with a brand new music family, but I did.

What was the highlight of 2020?

The highlight of 2020, for me, was learning to take the positive out of a negative which the entire World was experiencing. 2020 was a test for everyone! I decided, since I had nothing but time, I would dive into my songwriting, collaborating with some brilliant writers, and creating my new album, which I’m hoping to introduce the World to this year. I decided 2020 was going to be all about creativity and no regrets.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career in 2021?

My dreams for 2021 are to introduce more of my music to the World, create another album, inspire other artists to do the same, and create and create some more. I have a Podcast that I quite enjoy; it is my humble approach to being an artist. I feel it is important to show, as artists, we are not only creative and have a passion for music, but we are just like everyone else. We learn we gain wisdom, and it is what we do with this knowledge that is important. With my Record Label, Brandy Records Canada, we are planning future tours, festivals, and maintaining virtual concerts. I have a lot to look forward to; one day at a time.

Is there anyone out there you’d like to collaborate or open/close a concert with in the future?

I have some artists who I’ve always looked up to and tried to learn from; the list is long. Along with many, I would love to perform with Chris Stapleton, Garth Brooks, and of course Dolly Parton. I love the storytelling behind their music; I’m an old soul in my songwriting and in my choice of songs I record. I’m true to my roots.

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