PREMIERE – Kyle McKearney releases new single, “Keepin’ It Simple”

Born and raised in small-town northern British Columbia, Kyle McKearney grew up immersed in music, especially country and bluegrass, and is now poised to carve his own place in the global music scene with his unique Americana sound.

He has unveiled his new single, “Keepin’ It Simple”, an irresistibly swampy jam that follows on the heels of his previous singles, “Annie” and “Devil Water”. Produced by the renowned Russell Broom(Jann Arden/Leeroy Stagger/Joe Nolan/MarielBuckley), all three songs are a taste of Kyle’s full-length debut album slated for Autumn 2021, with further singles planned in the months ahead.

Kyle shares,

“Keepin’ It Simple is the first song I wrote after a six-month run across North America. The song describes my dream of how I want to live my life with my family. Out in the middle of nowhere, off grid, connected to nothing but other people and nature. We recorded this song at OCL studios in Calgary. Lisa Jacobs used a 60’s Kay bass and it really set the tone for the song. We recorded two drum kits like The Allman Brothers had, and stacked them right on top of each other in the mix. The gang vocals at the end of the track are the band, myself and a couple friends rompin’ around in the live room, drinking whiskey trying to stay serious enough to get a decent take.”

Check out “Keepin’ It Simple” below, and stay up to date with Kyle via his socials.

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