PACKS release new single, “Hold My Hand”

Toronto, ON-based slacker rockers, PACKS are back with a new single, “Hold My Hand”, which follows their three earlier tracks, Silvertongue,” “Two Hands” and “New TV.”

In keeping with PACKS usual approach, the track is short and sweet at 1:30 but is full to the brim with musical ideas in a way that exemplifies the band’s appeal. It’s slacker rock that’s meticulously constructed in a way that belies how effortless PACKS music feels, and leader Madeline Link’s laconic delivery is offset by her acrobatic range which is on full display on this latest single.

This song is your average semi-country-western inspired heartache pop ballad that’s driven by a story,” explains Link. “I had cut my forehead in a frantic search for stolen money, panicked in a parking lot, heard the drippy crooning of a bad band practicing somewhere in the distance, and to top it all off, I was doored while biking. Being alone and blue, I did what any rational hopeless romantic would do: implore my lover from a different land to fly to me so he could hold my hand.

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with PACKS via their socials.

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