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Montreal, QC-born, L.A.-based artist, Kayla DiVenere has released her single, “Justin Bieber”.

Both an homage to a teen fantasy spun out like an audiobook of every girl’s diary, and an instant pop classic, DiVenere pulls no punches and risks it all to candidly reveal her affinity for the Biebs himself.

Calling on him to be her “boyfriend,” while she mercilessly offers to be his “baby,” the track is laced with clever references to the pop sensation’s career including “you don’t have to be sorry”—  a clear nod to his singles.

“My song ‘Justin Bieber’ conveys a comedic side to infatuation where reality and Hollywood life blend together,” DiVenere explains. “Justin was every young girl’s dream celebrity crush, leading me to write a song that is so relatable.

“He was also always a role model, and inspired me to play multiple instruments and follow my passion,” she continues. “Throughout the creative process, we made sure to keep the song light and comedic as well as mysterious and sexy.”

What DiVenere does so well on the track is make it “beliebable”… A “Belieber” yourself or not, either way, you’re there with her on this journey. She’s giving you the inside scoop to her most private thoughts, wants, and desires and unapologetically invites you to join in on the ride.

The song’s subsequent music video is the crazed-fan testament in visual form — plenty of posters and cardboard cutouts create the décor of her home. Included is a dinner party of Cheerios, with our protagonist at one side, cheerfully enjoying her meal across from a cardboard Bieber, propped up in his own chair with his own bowl of cereal. It’s cheeky and fun — and speaks metaphorical volumes of the intensity of childhood crushes.

Check out the video for “Justin Bieber” below, and find out more about Kayla via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys!! I’m Kayla:) I’m a musician and actress who just absolutely dove deep into the arts at first glance of a piano haha. My musical journey began at six years old when I played really shitty piano, but thankfully, got better with a lot of practice. I started to sing along with my piano which in turn piqued my curiosity in experimenting with songwriting. Over the years I’ve met some amazing people who have supported and helped me in releasing some singles. My latest single is called “Justin Bieber” and is available on all platforms!! <3

Tell us about the recording process behind “Justin Bieber”?

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Justin Bieber LOL. I grew up listening and jamming out to his songs 24/7 with his posters plastered all over my wall. Watching him grow and evolve throughout his career as a musician and a person has heavily inspired my musical journey by admiring his love and authenticity for his art. One day I got together in a writing session with my team and we talked about writing a song about Justin Bieber as a joke because like I said, EVERYONE knows how much I love him, but it ended up turning into a real song that we all thought was super dope. We added little hints of his song titles throughout the song and made sure to embody every girl’s teenage dream of finding someone that ‘gave them feelings like Justin Bieber’. He truly is an icon that everyone adores, leading to us writing a song that hopefully a lot of people can relate to!

What was the highlight of 2020?

There were A LOT of lows in 2020 for me but there definitely were some fun highlights. Releasing my second single “This Isn’t Fun Anymore” and my third single “Justin Bieber” was SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE. I absolutely adored reading all the comments and feedback coming in on my songs. Watching my fans vibing and connecting to it was so gratifying and heartwarming and ahhh it was just so cool!!! Although 2020 is seen as the ‘nightmare year’, I also really appreciate all the time I got to work on writing songs. All that time alone also forced me to really spend quality time with myself which was priceless. Spending time with yourself can be scary, especially because sometimes you don’t like what you see, but 2020 was a really important year for myself regarding personal self-growth.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career in 2021?

My goal for 2021 is to write as many songs as possible that feel true to me and keep on releasing music! Maybe an album or EP can be in the works, who knows? 🙂

Is there anyone out there you’d like to collaborate or open/close a concert with in the future?

It would be an absolute DREAM to get to collaborate with Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, or Tate Mcrae! Their music is just mind-blowing and they seem like the nicest human beings ever!!

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