Review – Jesse Maxwell

EP: Hellion
Release Date: May 7, 2021
Genre: R&B, Soul, Pop

One year since his debut release, Radio SilenceJesse Maxwell is back with a new EP. On Hellion, the classically trained Toronto musician offers a set of six fresh, laid back songs with the makings to allure and pacify.

To start with, “Smoke & Mirrors” features slick, ethereal beats, smooth melodic vocals, and an incredibly chill vibe that is reflective of the EP as a whole. These same elements surface all across it, supplemented by instrumentation such as clean guitar and keys. Listen to the way these accentuate the soft-to-high vocal notes used in “Undone,” for example. That song is a highlight, displaying, in particular, the singer’s vulnerability. Another is “One Time,” which stands out somewhat among the rest, being just as calming but in a way, this is a bit more groovily upbeat, including effective use of trumpet. Likewise, a bit of trumpeted flair helps close things out serenely with “Evergreen” as well.

Hellion is smooth, relaxing, and engaging—an enjoyable musical contribution by Jesse Maxwell.

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