daysormay release new single, “The Trend”

daysormay, the Vancouver, BC-based trio, continue to follow the beat of their own drum by making “The Trend” their own in a new single and video. The song highlights the group’s innovative songwriting and production process, while the video captures a contrast between the noise of being out on tour and the stillness of arriving home, offering a sense of reflection through the spaces in between. You can watch “The Trend” below and listen to the song here.

“The Trend” began to take shape as daysormay returned from being on tour in the US.

“The Trend came together pretty quickly compared to a lot of other songs. I usually write my best immediately after doing something big or being away from home for a long time” explains lead vocalist, Aidan Andrews. “One of my favourite things about touring is the contrast between the loudness/chaos of the shows, and the stillness of getting home, I tend to find a lot of good ideas in that in-between period.  I started to mess around with this crazy guitar sound over top of a piano sample that Carson and I had found earlier in the year. We worked on it until we were convinced that it had to be reinvented in some way to get to where we wanted it.” 

The video – as with everything daysormay create – was produced in their signature DIY style, and filmed entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro across the lush landscape of Vancouver, BC. It was produced by fbnki, who was previously at the helm for the trios other singles “Holding My Tongue” and “Running.” 

“The Trend” also offers a deeper look into the group’s foray in sound design and production. Finishing touches were completed between a local studio in daysormay’s hometown of Vernon, BC and with Steve Bays at his studio in New Westminster. Upon discovering Vernon studio owner, Rob Bardos, is also an amazing guitarist, daysormay invited him to solo over the end of the track – “The dude can shred, it took me weeks to learn his solo so we could play it live” Aidan adds.

“The Trend” follows the daysormay’s February single, “Everything Is Changing,” a song about the past written for the future. In 2020, the band released the powerful anthem, “Holding My Tongue,” and summer 2020 songs, “Role Model” featuring Tessa Violet, and “Running.” You can listen to “The Trend” here and watch video for “The Trend” here.

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