Review – Chances

Album: Connection
Release Date: April 30, 2021
Genre: Synth-Pop

Connection is the latest EP coming from Montreal artist, Chances, which follows their first album, Traveler, which was released in 2018. Born out of supporting each other on tour, this band has the influences of the chillness of Bon Iver mixed with world music. The themes seem to focus on dealing with mental health with tracks such as “Out Of My Head”. The central message is interacting with the world as best as we can, seeking help when needed, especially with the pandemic happening. Musically it gleams of hope and positivity that we are able to see our friends, fans, and family again.

The first half of the album is someone going into a depressive state like they have lost the will to live, with somber yet upbeat instrumentals. Then you have the second half, rising up from the ashes like a phoenix, finally getting the help you need and feeling like you can take on the world (socially distanced of course).

From beginning to end, the album is the “Connection” we have as a planet to get through our troubles, especially with the things going on right now. We have to be hopeful and patient to get through this but we will get there eventually.

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