PREMIERE – Hunter Sheridan releases new single, “Without A Sound”

Canadian musician, Hunter Sheridan has unveiled his new single, “Without A Sound”, his brand new love song, written while reminiscing on what life has been, and what it has yet to be. Hunter found inspiration in the blend of strength and fragility necessary in the ongoing commitment to support each other in a relationship. Every individual comes with their own life experience and it can be difficult to trust completely, which is why it is so important to find the one who offers their shoulder to lean on.

Check out the single below, and find out what Hunter has to say about the track.

“Without a Sound” was inspired by the chance you take when committing to a relationship. Out of all the possible outcomes you allow yourself to be vulnerable and supported, but the weight of potentially losing them can be heavy. As I wrote the lyrics and melody, I continued to draw these parallels throughout the verses while the chorus found a middle ground of trust; “I heard you say without a sound, I felt lost but now I’m found, don’t let me down”.

This track is really a love song about the blend of strength and fragility within a relationship, as well as the ongoing commitment needed to support each other, and it goes best with a sunset or sunrise, next to the person you love, or just by yourself.”

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