PREMIERE – Courtney Wolfe releases new single, “Like A Lady’

Kitchener, ON-based Courtney Wolfe will be releasing her new single, “Like A Lady” to the world tomorrow, April 30, 2021, but the lucky folks who are reading this, get a sneak peek! The single is the second to come from her upcoming EP, New Moon, set for release on June 11, 2021.

“Like A Lady” was born after Wolfe began listening to more blues music and fell in love with the idea of creating a similar style while maintaining her signature indie-pop vibe. Featuring electric guitar, bass, and drums, the smooth, soulful rhythm against Courtney’s captivating vocals creates a beautiful balance for the song.

Sometimes sadness turns to anger or frustration, which is exactly what happened when writing Like A Lady. Wolfe was fed up with herself for putting up with someone who was continuously giving nothing when she was giving too much.

“That frustration quickly turned to empowerment, when I wrote the song with that blues style twist that I had been wanting to create. I am hoping “Like A Lady” can serve for anyone who needs to realize the importance of never settling for less than they deserve. The song can also work for both a good cry fest or a good wine night,” explained Courtney.

Courtney’s smooth vocals, paired with the relatable lyrics and the perfect mix of instrumentation, make the track a must-listen, and a definite contender to add to your playlists this Summer.

Check out “Like A Lady” below, and stay up to date with Courtney via her socials.

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