Flowerless releases two part single, “Tuesday” and “& Sorry”

Toronto, ON-based alternative R&B artist, Flowerless is back with a two-part single, “Tuesday” and “& Sorry”, which together form the story of a phone call that, in the end, was never made. The songs deal with themes of confidence, anxiety, loneliness, and paranoia.

“Tuesday” acts as a slowly building rollercoaster of emotion. It shows Flowerless psyching himself up before an uncomfortable phone call, only to crash as we hear the answering machine. The production parallels this build, as each piece of instrumentation subtly layers itself. Each new addition creates a jumping off point for the lyrics and vocal energy to develop and convey a new emotion. All of this tension then crashes, with blistering guitars cutting through the mix and switching the vibe to something more hopeless and isolated.

 “& Sorry” is an imaginary argument. The one that might have happened had the person picked up. This short acoustic track completes the story in “Tuesday” by expanding on why flowerless was so nervous to make the call. The song acts as a mess of thoughts weaving in and out of different issues felt through the relationship and culminating in an overwhelming set of voices arguing with one another. The final lines of the song show us that in the end this “apology” we’ve been building up to, has been insincere.

The songs were co-produced and mixed by Kyle Marchant and Mastered at Salmoral Studios, check them out below, and stay up to date with

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