The Civil Union releases new single, “Dominoes”

Though their moniker may bring up images and sounds of country-folk bluegrass twang, The Civil Union‘s sound actually lives in an energetic dream-pop scape containing lush choruses, spirited synth interludes, and pleasing reverb-soaked vocals.

The husband and wife duo’s latest single “Dominoes” wastes no time in picking up the intensity with its enticing bassline and pulsing drum beat. Naomi Pahl’s vocals shine as she sings of chasing a dream with the one you love.

“It talks about the feeling of creating a different existence, with the person you love,” the Pahl’s say.

“Dominoes” chorus is also ridiculously catchy so don’t resist singing or mouthing the words. The synth-led interlude explodes as bright guitar melodies accompany the pounding bass. It’s as if the Cocteau Twins decided to go disco.

The duo had to essentially start from scratch but created a more “expansive” version of the original album. They took risks, added new sounds, and came out stronger, and with an alt-dream pop sound that they continue to build to this day.

“We feel like there are no boundaries or expectations as we are a relatively new band (in pandemic years), so we’ve been enjoying the evolution process. We feel like every song we make gets us closer to the ‘sound’ we want.”

“Dominoes” is the first single to be released in 2021 and “Lost in a Dream” will be the follow-up in May.

Check out the single below, and stay up to date with The Civil Union via their socials.

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