Weekly Beat Down – April 12, 2021 to April 17, 2021

Good Music Monday everybody, welcome to another incredible showdown on the Weekly Beat Down. Where two songs will face off for your votes at home. You have got from Monday to Saturday night to make sure your favourite song makes it to the next round. But there are also some great recommendations that I have for you on Zach’s picks of the week. Articles from our website here that you need to go and check out. So let’s dive into all the music this week in the episode below.

The first song that is coming back from last week’s competition stole the top spot from our previous champ. My friend dadbOdd from Sudbury, Ontario is back with his new single “Can/t”, which is available now on all streaming platforms. It’s the next chapter in the ongoing story of his character “Malik”. Be sure to check out the full video down below, but don’t forget to vote for your favourite song this week at the bottom of the page.

The new song that is joining us this week on the Beat Down comes from singer-songwriter, Niall Sexton. He has just dropped his brand new single and a video for “SKiN”. You can, of course, check that out and all your favourite streaming service is now and check out the full video down below. But be sure to get your votes in for your favourite song at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

Now it’s time for you to get your votes in for your favourite song. Select your song choice and hit the anonymous vote button to make sure your vote is counted in with the lot. Reminder you have from Monday to Saturday night, so share with your friends and get to voting.

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That’s going to be it for the music unless you want to go check out the main page of our website. I guarantee there’s more awesome music and content to check out. I will see you all hopefully next Monday with another exciting Showdown. Spread some love out there everyone and is always, PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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