Five Questions With Munro & Patrick

The Saskatchewan-based duo, Munro & Patrick is made up of Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick. The two have quickly gained notoriety as “the dynamic duo”.

They have shared the title track from their first studio album entitled “Give Me Your Rain”, along with a video to accompany the release. Their powerful and emotional vocals combine to take this song to another level, at times tender and intimate and in the next breath gritty and full of soul. The raw and honest lyrics are the backbone to the song and evoke a longing to be woken and live free, honestly and with passion.

Heidi and Scott share,

 This song came from a place of reflecting on the often mundane and uninspired patterns we find ourselves in, whether in relationships, family,  or our goals and bucket lists.

 It speaks of a need to be awoken, and feel the “rain”  again and all of the passion that comes with.

In the process of writing the song , it took on a very relationship directed storyline.

However, as listeners it seems to reach whatever journeys are being traveled at that time.

When I went to Scott with the idea and some of the lyrics,  it was a pretty easy write for us . We knew melodically and instrumentally the direction we wanted the song to take, in order to reflect the driving , gritty and passionate message.

Check out the video for “Give Me Your Rain” below, and find out more about Munro & Patrick via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

We knew of each other in the circuit and music scene for years, however didn’t have the opportunity to meet until about 4 years ago.

Scott comes from a very notable country-rock background, as the trademark lead singer, writer, and guitar player for the very successful Saskatchewan-based group Wyatt. He is also a freelance musician, doing session work and plays for many other artists. His stellar guitar work encompasses Rock, Jazz, and Rn’B as well.

Heidi has built a reputation as a successful, versatile, and very consistent solo artist throughout Saskatchewan, with a great stage performance. She has deep country roots, and over the years, took a gradual shift into the blues, R&B, and jazz scene. She is also a producer of acclaimed shows, like “The Passion Of Amy Winehouse ”, which is a killer stage show with a smokin’ band, of which Scott is a part of.

The individual influences and “years of service” brought to the duo were a definite bonus. We were hired for the same gig in Saskatoon and opportunities fell together which allowed us to work in many projects together. The onstage chemistry was great, and collaborating as a duo and writing together came very natural.

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style.

Our music and writing style are quite diverse ranging from country roots to jazz/R&B with a whole lot of soul mixed in. We both enjoy so many kinds of music that it all seeps into our writing.

How have you been keeping creative during the Pandemic?

When the pandemic first hit, we started doing online concerts each week. We had theme nights ranging from Traditional Country, Jazz, Motown to 80s rock and the music of “A Star Is Born”. We wanted to give our fans the throwback experience of the old variety shows that we grew up watching. We also recorded our debut 7 song EP entitled “Give Me Your Rain”. We had songs written that we have performed for a few years but had never put down on record. The process helped us focus on being creative and doing what we love, rather than being dragged down by the negativity and uncertainty of the pandemic. During the summer of 2020, we were fortunate to still do our “August Moon” summer tour for outdoor private events, and businesses. Considering the challenges of the past year, we have worked quite a bit, which we are very happy about.

If you were asked to suggest only one of your songs for someone to hear, which would it be?

“Give Me Your Rain”. It is the first single from our new EP and it was the last song written for the album. We both love the drive of the song and the lyrics pretty much wrote themselves. “Give Up Or Give In” runs a tight second though.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

Classic artists Colin James and Bryan Adams. Also The Landreth Bros. Serena Ryder, Amanda Marshall, Jann Arden, Holly Cole, and Ariel Posen. The music of Canada’s SheepDogs is close to us, being hometown boys.

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