Cameron & Crawford release new single, “Dark Road”

Canadian jazz-folk singer/songwriting duo Cameron & Crawford have unveiled their new single, “Dark Road”.

“It started out so innocent…” co-front Trish Cameron winks. “‘Dark Road’ began as just a little Latin/flamenco-influenced number in A minor, then quickly moved into a tale of personal corruption and loss of integrity.”

“Somehow, while arranging the song, we imagined mariachi horns,” co-front Wendy Crawford adds. “From that seed, everyone on the team jumped in to craft the song’s direction.”

Recording engineer and producer Simon Jasieniuk’s rich flamenco guitar and percussion stylings perfectly complement Wendy’s dynamic rhythm guitar and vocal harmonies. Tied together with Trish’s lush lead vocals and Wayne Gustafson’s upright bass, “Dark Road’s” propulsive drive navigates the audience through quite the ride.

“Arranging and recording ‘Dark Road’ was an inspiring and collaborative effort,” Wendy and Trish recall. “The end result is a testimony to shared creativity and vision.

“The current political landscape and planetary situation channelled the lyrics,” they add. “Seeking a little advantage for oneself, and for one’s friends, seems so ‘common sense’ at first.

“That is, of course, until it hits the highway, intentions pick up speed,and suddenly you’re hurtling towards a Thelma & Lousie ending!”

Check out “Dark Road” below, and stay up to date with the duo via their socials.

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