K-Riz releases video for “A Place Where Love Is”

Canadian hip-hop artist K-Riz has unveiled a video for his potently blended jazz-rap track, “A Place Where Love Is”. Elevated by the swinging coos of Calgary soul singer Yolanda Sargeant (of Sargeant X Comrade), the song is a declaration for choosing to love in a time of fear.

The video stars K-Riz, Yolanda Sargeant, and fellow Alberta rapper Lyrique, and serves as a hopeful antidote to the bleakness of the past year. Filmed from Calgary’s Sunnyside neighbourhood and the city’s iconic Peace Bridge, the black and white video is punctuated by meaningful symbols.

“Imagine life where colour doesn’t matter/Imagine peace where murder doesn’t happen…Under God’s blue sky, we all bleed the same you and I,” K-Riz spits, illuminating the possibility of a better world.

Elsewhere, Sargeant beckons for you to “let the good vibes in,” dancing with a kind of joyful abandon, her movements evoking the flight of a bird and the freedom of a place where love is everywhere.

“This is the message that I wanted to close The Room out on,” said K-Riz. “I think this is a message that people need to hear right now—and over and over again. It’s time for people to open their hearts to peace and love.”

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with K-Riz via his socials.

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