PREMIERE – Georgia Lee Johnson releases new single, “Open Ocean”

Indie-folk artist, Georgia Lee Johnson has unveiled her latest single, “Open Ocean”. The single follows the story of a young man who is clinging to the shadows of the past and falling into a complacency of moving on with his life. Johnson beautifully uses the metaphor of an “open ocean,” to convey the endless possibilities that await the young man.

Open Ocean is an invitation to put down the weight of past, of expectation, and of disappointment, and to step into the invigorating present,” she says.

The diverse instrumentation leaves room for Georgia Lee’s playful voice to grab the listener, reminiscent in feel to some of the tracks found on Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album. The vocal layering and harmonies on “Open Ocean” create an almost panoramic sound that has the listener lip-syncing the catchy chorus while the jazzy upright bass keeps the traditional melody fresh.

 “I make attempts through my writing to create a mirror between the natural world and the inner life of the human. The arrangements are extremely collaborative. Jason and Wynston offered up so much to the life of the songs through their instruments,” Georgia Lee says.

“Open Ocean” is one of nine tracks coming on the upcoming January Mind album, which will explore the themes of isolation, belonging, reckoning, broken and transformed relationships, and the yearning for a home within oneself and the natural world.

Check out “Open Ocean” below, and stay up to date with Georgia Lee via her socials.

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