Brett Kissel releases new album, What Is Life?

Brett Kissel is making the very best of what is his life knowing how important it is for him to make a life, not a living!

18-time CCMA award-winning country music star Brett Kissel released his fifth major-label studio album What Is Life? on April 9. The search for something “more” weighed heavily on Kissel’s mind as he wrestled with that timeworn question of what life really is all about. His answer to that all-encompassing question – he created an album to put his thoughts into words and melodies. The songs on this album are well-thought-out and are about gratitude, love, and the celebration of life. His fans and supporters are seeing the next phase of Kissel’s spectacular career with What Is Life?.

On What Is Life? Kissel says,

“That age-old question is one that I’ve really focused on and centered around for this next phase of my career and for my life. And each and every time, the one thought that is always front and centre for me, is doing the best we can with what we have, and making the most of our lives – living the words that I sing in the first song – and I hope that everyone who hears it not just enjoys it, but is also inspired by it.”

A short while ago, Kissel released the first single from What is Life? called “Make a Life, Not a Living.” This single gave everyone his or her first taste of what is to come from the next phase of Kissel’s career. And, this next chapter is something the world needs right at this moment in time.

Kissel says this about “Make a Life, Not a Living,”

“This song is truly representative of where I’m at in my life right now … and probably – or hopefully – where many people are as we’ve adjusted to the challenges we’ve all faced over the last year. It’s about doing your best to live your best life – whatever that might be; being in the moment, being present, having gratitude and making the most of the time we have – that’s what is most important.”

Stream or download “Make a Life, Not a Living” here.

Stream or download What Is Life? here.

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