Weekly Beat Down – April 5, 2021 to April 10, 2021

Well, it is a beautiful music Monday and now we’ve got some brand new music for you lovely people to take in. It’s time for the Weekly Beat Down, where two songs will fight for your votes. It’s not that aggressive, but I like to hype it up more. But it is up to you folks to choose your song before the end of the week, going from Monday to Saturday night. I’ve also got some great recommendations from our website that are going to be featured in Zach’s picks of the week. Be sure to check all of this stuff out in the video below which is this week’s episode.

Returning for their fourth time on the show, it’s going to be London, Ontario producer and DJ Shad3z with his track “Catch Me if You Can”. It features the very talented Toronto rapper and dancer Attack On Bash who steals the show in the video. If you still enjoy their song “Catch Me If You Can”, you can go and get your vote in for your favourite this week at the bottom of the page.

The next artist that will be joining us for your votes this week is an old friend of the beatdown, coming from Sudbury, Ontario. My friend dadbOdd has just dropped the new single and video for “Can/t”, the next chapter in the story of “Malik”. This single is available on all streaming platforms and if you enjoy it, you can get your votes in for your favourite at the bottom of the page.


Those are going to be the two amazing songs that you will be voting on at home, so be sure to get those votes in from Monday to Saturday night. Also, be sure to share with your friends to help your favourite artist achieve victory this week!

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I hope you all enjoyed all the brand new music that we could give you this week. Please be sure to tune in next Monday when we’ve got another mighty round of the Weekly Beat Down. Spread some love out there and as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!!


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