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Markham, ON-based alt-pop singer-songwriters Caardia is made up of sisters, Celia and Annie Siriopoulos. The duo has just released their new single, “Over You”.

The new song nestles well within this stream and is a “representation of the vulnerability one can have when having feelings for someone,” Annie shares. “It brings up the fear of ‘new feelings’ and the unknown.”

“The song also acknowledges self-worth, and not relying on someone else for our own happiness and validation,” Celia adds. “By acknowledging our thoughts, we can come to terms with the feelings we have, and start to grow from them.”

“It’s not meant to be a representation of full recovery after hardships,” they concur, “but rather, the first steps in acknowledging them, and the process of getting over someone.”

“Over You” follows the duo’s breakthrough EP, 2018’s The Deep End — which was recorded and produced by multi-Platinum, JUNO, and Canadian Country Music Award winner Chris Perry — and precedes their forthcoming sophomore offering, currently underway with multi-Platinum producer, Roy Hamilton III.

Check out the video for “Over You” below, and find out more about Caardia via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

We are two sister singer-songwriters, Annie and Celia Siriopoulos, from Markham, Ontario and our group is called Caardia. We are 17 and 16 years old and have been singing for six years. Our music style is alternative/indie pop and genuine, realistic, and relatable to listeners. We became recipients of the FACTOR Artist Development Grant in 2019 and were named one of CBC Searchlight’s Top 10 Teens to watch in 2020. We also take our passion for music a step further through our radio show called “The Caardia Show” on Agape Greek Radio in January of 2020. We released our first EP, “The Deep End” in 2018, and a single called “Walking Away” in 2019. We just released our newest single “Over You” with multi-platinum music producer Roy Hamilton III at The Singer’s Company who we are now working on a new EP with.

Tell us about the recording process behind “Over You”?

After bringing “Over You” to our producer Roy, with just a ukulele in hand and our voices, it evolved into so much more than we could have imagined. We had gone into the studio to lay the groundwork for the track and after Annie played it a few times on the ukulele, the pianist instantly picked up the melody and recorded the background. After going in again for a vocal day, it came really naturally with just the raw piano track behind. After all the vocals were laid down, we wanted to really enhance the sound, so the talented guitarist Alex Matthew, who is playing guitar on every song on our upcoming EP, added some mellow electric guitar to elevate it even more. After mixing and mastering sessions, “Over You” was complete. It was a natural process that felt like it flowed and successfully portrayed the message we wanted to share in the song.

What was the highlight of 2020?

The highlight of 2020 was being part of the abundance of online virtual shows we did. Although it was not the same as in-person, it was great to still be able to perform and have that community enjoying the universal language of music. We were one of the hosts at the Youth Day Global 2020 FestCast, performed at the Star Pow-R Buy Local Online Concert Series, and did many live videos on social media for Main Street Unionville, who we usually perform live for, as well as Make Open Mic.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career in 2021? 

In 2021, we plan on releasing the EP we are in the process of making currently, and we hope that it connects with people. It is a new sound we have developed over the years that truly feels like us, and working with Roy and The Singer’s Company has given us that artistic freedom to communicate it in a way that resonates with us. Hopefully, we will be able to perform live again, because that was something we did on a regular basis, but that is still unknown due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Seeing people’s faces and reactions to music is what brings us joy so we hope that we can tour our new original music soon.

Is there anyone out there you’d like to collaborate or open/close a concert with in the future?

Although this may be far-fetched, HAIM has always been a band we looked to for inspiration and have been compared to quite often. Just like them, we are sisters and we really like their sound and vibe. They are all so different from each other and are not afraid to be unique, but also complement each other and enhance the group as a whole.

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