Gary Beals releases “Good Love” documentary

Gary Beals has released a documentary film and a music video for his song “Good Love” off of his latest album, Bleed My Truth. “Good Love” is a documentary film shot over one day in Toronto that captures a collection of conversations around the essence of love. In an intimate sit down, the film features diverse participants of different ages and ethnic backgrounds, who express what love means to them, drawing on their rich and varied life experiences.

“The documentary is a way for me to introduce something more than music; it’s another form of giving love to the world” says Beals. “My hope is that the documentary allows people to feel certain emotions through the stories of others. I want people to see themselves in the participants and it be a way to ignite and empower others to give more thought to how we can contribute more love to ourselves and to the world.”

The music video for “Good Love” showcases all forms of Black love inclusive of self, platonic, and romantic love. It’s about embracing love for what it is. Surrendering one’s self to the vulnerability that comes with being in love and finding reasons to give and receive unconditional love. “Good Love” is a reminder of the beauty of LOVE! As love gets reduced to the swipe of a finger and a “numbers game,” Beals wants you to pause…and take it in like a deep breath.

The “Good Love” documentary film was executively produced by Beals alongside producer Katrina Lopes, director Tanvi Madkaiker, and put together by editor Grace Esford. You can watch the documentary right here

The official music video for “Good Love” was directed and edited by Brian Gregory. Watch the official music video on Beals YouTube channel here

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