Paul Cafcae releases new single, “Downtown”

Toronto, ON-based artist Paul Cafcae is back with his single, “Downtown” – a song that gets the feet moving and gets you lost in the groove. It’s got a country two-step feel but quickly whisks you away in blues appreciation with its many licks, head-bopping lyrics, and a harmonica solo by Venezuelan, Hector Alexander, that can cut glass.

It’s the kind of track that makes you miss live music and would fit nicely in a dimly-lit, underground blues bar that you happen to stumble upon in the middle of the night. And that’s kind of the point of the song; making light of the cultural differences of the big city big wig people—the yuppies—and the rest of the world who grooves in the fringer parts of society. The hole in the wall establishments full of energy, art, and a DIY attitude.

This thought is sealed with Cafcae’s lyric “do this dirty, dirty, thing playing blues all the night.” Immediately after comes a sensational 12 bar blues solo and then Hector’s brief moment in the spotlight. Cafcae will probably get back to playing blues all night once the pandemic lifts.

“It’s a slightly satirical song,” says Cafcae.

Check out “Downtown” below, and stay up to date with Paul via his socials.

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