Bad Holiday release cover of Bif Naked’s “Moment Of Weakness”

The only thing better than a good vacation.. is a Bad Holiday! Lucky for us Toronto powerhouse of Rock N Roll anthems, Bad Holiday are ready to make you believe in rock music again! They have just released their new video for their rendition of Bif Naked’s classic track “Moment Of Weakness”, check out the video below and share it with your friends.

You heard correct, after releasing their debut album Nineteen just last year, they continue to move forward in their career. Their lead single “Pretty Lady” caught the attention of many across the country, including the likes of radio legend “Allen Cross” and Canadian icon Bif Naked. Both have since been avidly encouraging the guys in their pursuit.

The band has also been recognized by another member of our Canadian music scene. Those of you who are old enough to remember the old Much Music days, you will definitely remember the legend that is “Ed The Sock”! He’ll be featuring Bad Holiday on his new up-and-coming music channel appropriately titled “New Music Nation”. Bringing back the classic vibes you love, well also promoting the best newcomers on the scene.

Bad Holiday definitely had a good year in 2020, even with no live shows to play. Their single “19” was nominated for Best Rock Music Video at this last year’s Independent Music Awards. Now they are hard at work making a brand new record. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s everything you want and love from these guys. Keep your eyes and ears open for the new music when it comes out, but please go and check out their new cover of “Moment Of Weakness” by Bif Naked.

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