Riley Michaels releases new single, “One More Heartbreak”

Beamsville, ON’s Riley Michaels started making music at 8 years old after winning 1st place in a local singing competition. When he received Guitar Hero for Christmas, he jumped deep into the “rabbit hole” of Classic Rock, Blues, and other similar genres.

Now, the music Michaels makes is a combination of Pop and Adult Contemporary, with a range of influences. He has unveiled his new single, “One More Heartbreak”, which is largely about taking care of yourself. Sometimes, we can be doormats to the people in our lives. After too long of living like that, we need to feel some sense of relief. In the case of this song, it is about realizing that the relationship that you have with someone is coming to an end – and it’s going to end badly.

The single was produced by Andre Kaden Black and Tal Vaisman, check it out below, and stay up to date with Riley via his socials.

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