PREMIERE – Queens & Kings release new single, “Going Through Hell”

Toronto, ON-based duo, Queens & Kings, made up of Alissa Klug (drums, vocals), and Brendan Albert (electric guitar, vocals) have teamed up with us, at Canadian Beats to unveil their new single, “Going Through Hell”.

The pair have had a complicated and somewhat volatile relationship for the more than 11 years they have known each other. They started this band about 4 years ago, partly as a response to their convoluted dynamic, and have had to overcome many challenges to hold onto this project that they both so firmly believe in.

As Alissa expands,

“We started this band about 4 years ago largely as a way to release and express our frustrations to and with each other and in general, to just let them out…. It’s largely for and about us. There has always been a visceral push and pull between us and that is really reflected in our music and our live show.  This song is kind of paying hommage to all that we’ve been through together, while also finding ways to let go and move forward. It also seems timely because it feels similar to what we have been experiencing globally, mourning what was lost and feeling hopeful for better days ahead.”

Check out the single below, and stay tuned for the official music video, which will be released on April 2, 2021.

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