PREMIERE – Samson Brown releases new single, “Till The End”

Vancouver, BC-based hip-hop artist, Samson Brown has released his brand new single, “Till The End”. The single, which blends Trap and hip-hop, is written by Brown and produced by Saad & Tory Danhousen.

A departure from Samson’s typical R&B style, “Till The End” showcases Brown’s maturity as an artist into a more aggressive and confrontational hip hop genre. The rising rapper’s captivating cadence and vocal flair is set to act as a catalyst for what looks like a crazy year for the young artist.

“This song is very different from most of my other songs that I’ve recorded in the past, it’s more aggressive and really edgy. I wanted to give my listeners a different and new type of vibe that they never heard from me before,” says Brown.

“Till The End” is the first of many upcoming singles that Brown is planning to drop this Spring, so keep an eye out for those!

Check out the new single below, and stay up to date with Samson via his socials.

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