Timing is everything and the time couldn’t be more perfect for the Hunter Brothers to release their new single “Been a Minute”

March 19 is the day that the multi-award-winning band of brothers, Hunter Brothers, released their newest single “Been a Minute” to country music radio and all digital platforms.

“Been a Minute” with its pop meets country sound and pitch-perfect harmonies that the five brothers are known for ought to be at the top of your “listen to” list. Five-time GRAMMY © Award nominee Hunter Hayes produced this up-tempo track. The tune’s happy vibe starts off a bit different from other Hunter Brothers releases, yet the intonation that is so unmistakable to them makes this tune instantly recognizable as to who they are as artists. Just like spring, “Been a Minute” is fresh, inspirational, and makes you want to have a positive outlook to life.

Ty of the Hunter Brothers had this to say about “Been a Minute,”

“We wanted to put something into the world right now that points toward a day when we can all gather to laugh together, sing together and experience the community that we have all been missing over the last year. Whether it be that we haven’t seen someone we love for a long period of time, or haven’t had the ability to do something we love, the phrase ‘it’s been a minute’ holds a lot of weight and felt more relevant than ever.”

Download or stream “Been a Minute” here.

The Hunter Brothers recently took part in the “Sea Shanty” TikTok trend with their own creative version that quickly took social media by storm, garnering over 6.2 million organic views from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter in the span of a week.

Watch the viral video for “Sea Shanty” here.

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