Interview – Fre$h Daddy B

Canadian hip-hop artist Fre$h Daddy B has released his newest single, “ICE”, the premiere offering from this year’s freshly pressed four-track EP, Freezer.

“This track was made to share the true story of my friend who struggled, and then succumbed, to addiction with methamphetamine,” B shares. “Each track on Freezer holds a raw message: hustle, love, struggle, and peace — in that order.

“It’s time we have something that allows us to be more than the problems we face.”

The new EP — and “ICE” specifically — speak to Fre$h Daddy B’s deeply personal life experiences as powerful inspiration for lyrics, it was Evergreen that set the standard.

“With every project we drop, there’s a new level of self to discover and a new piece of world to learn about,” he considers. “I spoke about this on that first album, but from an early age, I was labelled as a ‘problem child…

“Turns out, it only further motivated me to establish my career.

“Growing up with a single mother, I spent my early years caring for my younger brother, Chance,” he continues. “We would spend all our time plotting ways to make it out of there, together — it was hell. I never considered ourselves poor even though, looking back, my mom was coming home from bartending to count nickels and dimes, hoping we had milk and cereal for the next day. Guys would use her for a place to stay, and bring drama and drugs with them; this was the start to a long term of childhood abuse.”

The line in “ICE” that says ‘still praying in these street lights’ speaks specifically to the dynamic artist’s quiet and reflective moments of introspect.

“Late nights walking home, I’d see a small church with a statue of Mary and a fountain…” he shares. “This quickly became a place of solace amidst it all.”

Because of such, it was important to incorporate familiar areas when it came to the video for “ICE,” he says. “Filming our messages across Newfoundland has always been part of the dream; there’s so much more than what meets the eye.

“Our community was going crazy when we were filming this; we had people pulling up on set, popping out to see what was on the go. Even though we had picked one of the coldest days that week to film, and make sure we had the right aesthetic, they all stuck around to watch.”

Check out the video for “ICE” below, and find out more about Fre$h Daddy B via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Yo! I’m out here making music on the east coast, baby- In Newfoundland!

Wicked ol’ time chilling on the rock. It’s family first here… Always has been.

Speaking of family: I have a lot of bad blood… I forgive them but just can’t surround myself with negative energies. I’ll always be there for my little brother though, and when my sister’s older I’ll likely get to see her again, too.

Tell us about the recording process behind “Ice”?

When I found the beat, I knew it was time: No hesitation. Grabbed my favourite kush, and kicked back. It was time to heal.

Leaving my studio that day, I had a very certain feeling of clarity.

What was the highlight of 2020?

Spending time with my baby girls  We also got another member in our family: “Aurora”. She’s a kitten with thumbs!

Kiara says I’m the best cat dad.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career in 2021?

Bringing the best entertainment to these music lovers

I’ll be dropping at least one album this year (very soon)!

Is there anyone out there you’d like to collaborate with in the future? 

Drake, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Sway Calloway.

I’m open to collaborations.

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