Carolina East releases new single, “Until You Are Sorry”

East Coast country-pop artist, Carolina East has unveiled her new single, “Until You Are Sorry”.

“Until You Are Sorry” is the 5th single to be released from Carolina East’s new album Soaked in Whisky, which will be out on May 21st. The heartbreaking ballad takes a look at how much forgiveness we’re willing to give our romantic partners. 

“”Until You Are Sorry” is about a relationship that didn’t end well, and the feeling of frustration which stemmed from that,” says Carolina. “There was a lot of gift giving and apologizing, but no personable attempt at solving the problem; just band-aid solutions. The message of the song is that relationships deserve effort, not quick fixes.”

This is the second song that Carolina wrote and recorded with acclaimed music producer Rob Wells (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez), who has roots in Newfoundland. And the experience was one that she found to be easy, even though the song deals with difficult subject matter.

“The atmosphere was very comfortable, despite the vocals being recorded in a closet,” says Carolina. “When writing about a personal and difficult time, you have to put yourself back into that frame of mind, which can be a challenge. Every time you perform, you have to tap into those same negative emotions to give the most genuine performance.”

Check out “Until You Are Sorry” below, and stay up to date with Carolina East via her socials.

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