Courtney Wolfe releases new single, “Unmoved”

Kitchener, ON-based singer-songwriter Courtney Wolfe has released her new single, “Unmoved” from her upcoming debut indie-pop EP, New Moon, which is set for release on June 11, 2021.

Laced with delicate piano, acoustic and electric guitar and infused with synths, Unmoved is an emotive, cinematic piece of alt-pop. The track tells a story of feeling the desire to move on from a relationship but having no idea where to start because the emotions are so present. It’s about feeling everything and nothing at once, replaying old memories even though you try to forget them, or trying to pursue someone new but in reality, no one can compare.

“I wrote ‘Unmoved’ after getting back home from a date with someone who was absolutely great in every way, but the whole time I was thinking of someone else,” explained Courtney.

Courtney’s debut EP, New Moon will be released on June 11 and will take listeners on a journey through the beginning highs and the darkest lows of a relationship, to eventually finding peace and forgiveness with oneself and the possibility of someone new. With the intention to release music built upon a storyline, Wolfe knew this was the perfect combination of tracks for her debut EP. She’s confident it will enable her to connect with listeners on a whole new level as they relate to the songwriting and stories of love, heartbreak, and peace.

“I feel that now is the perfect time to release it as I am at peace with how things ended, and am looking forward to a new beginning – or new moon,” Courtney added.

Check out “Unmoved” below, and stay up to date with Courtney via her socials.

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