Haviah Mighty releases new single, “

Close to one year within the global pandemic, in between all the isolation and space, 2019 Polaris Music Prize-winner, Haviah Mighty has unveiled her new single, “Good On My Own Tonight”. While the song is a reflection on doing things solo, she teams up with fellow Toronto artist, TOBi, to share relatable experiences.

“Good On My Own Tonight focuses on the moment of clarity when you realize that you’re better off on your own. Whether it’s a relationship that hasn’t been working, or a friendship that has made you feel weird for a while, this song speaks to those internal thoughts around finally putting yourself first,” Haviah says. The beat was produced by myself and Mighty Prynce, and TOBi and I had been talking about working on something for years, so we finally made it happen. We collaborated first on the Toronto Remix for his track 24, which inspired working together again on this project.”

TOBi adds, 

“For me, sometimes space and distance from a situation is needed to gain clarity. To look at things objectively. I remember being in a relationship and I didn’t even know it was toxic for us both until we took time apart and looked from the outside in. That helped me be better in my next relationship and have better insight into what I actually wanted.”

“Good On My Own Tonight” marks a reunion between TOBi and Haviah, as she previously collaborated with TOBi on standout song, 24, and spoke on the debut panel for UNPACK, an initiative TOBi founded highlighting constructive discussions on mental wellness in the creative community, in 2019.

Check out “Good On My Own Tonight” below, and stay up to date with Haviah via her socials.

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