Weekly Beat Down – March 8, 2021 to March 13, 2021

Looks like your back for another week of amazing music. Good thing I’ve got what you need. We’re going to be featuring two amazing songs as always for you to vote on down below. Whichever song counts with the most votes by the end of this week we’ll move on to the next round. Remember it’s up to you to vote on your favourite song from Monday to Saturday night. There will also be my recommendations from Zach’s Picks of the Week, fantastic songs that your going to enjoy. So let’s get into the video down below and check out the Weekly Beat Down.

The first artist up to bat is our returning champion for her final week here on the Beat Down. I’m talking about Windsor, Ontario singer-songwriter Christee Palace and her amazing song “What have you done to Me”. It’s of course available on all streaming platforms and it’s up to you at home to get your votes in for your favourite this week. Be sure to check out the full video for what have you done to me just down below

Our next competitor will be joining us from Vancouver this week, the high energy modern rock band known as Collision Course. They have recently dropped their second video and single for the song called “Crawl”. Go and check it out now on all your favourite streaming platforms, as well as get your votes in for your favourite this week. But enjoy the full video for “Crawl” right down below.

Now it’s up to you at home to get your votes in for your favourites this week. Be sure to hit the anonymous vote button to make sure yours is counted. Monday to Saturday night is the time you have to do so, no pressure.

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That’s going to be all the music that we have for you amazing people out there this week. I hope you’re doing well and be sure to tune in next week for more awesome tunes. PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC TO YOU ALL!!

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