Toronto’s AJA released her biggest moment with her new single “Red Button”.

“Red Button” features AJA’s stellar vocals over a shapeshifting arrangement and serves to stoke excitement for a breakthrough year.

She co-wrote the song with songwriter/producer Jimmy McGormam, who already had the concept for the song. “We were introduced by a mutual friend Kurt. I’m guessing I was the right singer,” she said.

Landing somewhere between Tate Mcrae and Ariana Grande, AJA crafts punchy, empowering pop, and has already picked up support from Billboard, IDOLATOR, and Wonderland for her sky-reaching sound. The 16-year-old has also amassed over 1.8 million streams on Spotify alone making her a force to watch this year.

I got to hear from AJA to learn more about this release and what the artist has up her sleeve for this year.

How does it feel being 16 years old and getting ready your upcoming release Red Button, tell us about it!

I co-wrote Red Button with Jimmy McGorman. Red Button is our first of several collaborations coming up and he’s someone that I love working with, It was one of the collaborative moments where everything just happened…. I think it’s theme everyone can relate to. Being able to do all this at a young age is an amazing feeling and I can’t wait for the world to hear!

What does “Red Button” mean to you? What do you hope it brings to your fans?

Red Button Is about being empowered enough to walk away from something or someone that isn’t good for you. Being able to decline their calls even if you are brokenhearted. I hope my fans can feel the same as I do and avoid toxic situations. We all have them!

How is this song different from your previous releases?

I think Red Button has a different sound and is a bit more edgy. It allows me to show my emotional/ angry side.

How do the song’s lyrics and music intertwine?

Red Button has an edge. It kind of feels like I’m telling someone off!

How does it feel to be one of Canada’s emerging artists?

I’m just very excited for the world to see what I have to offer! Canada has some amazing talent!!

What can fans expect from you in 2021?

Lots of new music! I’ve been writing a lot with some incredible writers and producers.

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