Mattmac releases new single, “Break Me Down”

Manitoba-based blind music producer and recording artist Mattmac is back with his newest single, a collaboration with contemporary artist River Waterhen, “Break Me Down”.

Known for using his platform to inspire others, the song serves as an intersectional moment celebrating two young individuals passionately pursuing their brightest futures — and is the latest to land from Mattmac’s recently released debut album, 20/20. The project “Break Me Down” ushers audiences into the individual lives of Mattmac and River, and how they are connected through a larger narrative of Indigenous youth who are breaking the cycle, overcoming barriers, and finding their own pathways to success.

The video focuses on River Waterhen as a young, Indigenous man whose life growing up on the reserve was never easy. Ultimately, he graduates high school, furthers his education, and moves to a big city — which turns out to be an adjustment all its own.

There was an element of life imitating art: River Waterhen is a Cree contemporary dancer from Island Lake Cree Nation, SK who is currently pursuing his education at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto, while pursuing his own path as a creator online.

While it’s not step for step, River’s story is overarching one Mattmac knows all too well; “Break Me Down” speaks to his personal struggles living in a small, isolated community, and how it’s easy to lose motivation.

Hailing from Garden Hill First Nation, Manitoba, Mattmac has been blind from birth. After struggling with depression at a young age, and credits both his mother’s support and music for helping him cope; he grew up surrounded by music both on the radio and singing in his community’s gospel choir.

Check out the video for “Break Me Down” below, and stay up to date with Mattmac via his socials.

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