Paul Cafcae releases new EP, It Ain’t The First Time

Toronto, ON-based artist, Paul Cafcae has unveiled his latest EP, It Ain’t The First Time. Many of the songs have the Country/Western, Americana blues feel of the cowboy era, but Cafcae’s traditional storytelling is almost bard-like, putting them in a bygone-folk realm.

The EP features four songs, starting strong with “Dark Horse”, a jumpy tune with its groovy slide guitar, followed by the title track, “It Ain’t The First Time”, which conveys the virtuosic talent of all the guest musicians with the upright bass hook, sizzling mandolin, and alluring slide guitar. “Catelynn” follows, and is a warm and sombre track that has a character singing about his troubles to his muse. The EP closes with “Great Lakes Call”, which sounds like the backdrop for an unwritten Spaghetti Western film. The Neil Young-esque harmonica and the harmonies between Cafcae and singer, Vila, are spell-bounding.

Cafcae is taking advantage of the pandemic by continuously writing new songs and has plans to release more tracks throughout the year.

Check out the EP below, and stay up to date with Paul via his socials.

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