FVZ shares debut single “On My Way (OMW)”

Fazi, aka FVZ, is a house and pop artist, DJ & producer of Persian descent based in Toronto, ON. Performing sets at major Ibiza nightclubs including Destino Pacha and Swag, FVZ’s high-energy style has electrified audiences worldwide.

His upbeat debut single, “On My Way (OMW)” (feat. Siera), is about not letting distractions get in the way of your true purpose in life. By becoming a strong, independent person with a success-oriented mindset, there is very little that can stop you from reaching your dreams.

The rising DJ cites the dynamic, happy, explosive dance music of artists like Pitbull and Diplo as major inspirations for his own sound. Fazi says:

As a DJ, it’s my job to take people on a musical journey and get them dancing and having fun. It’s important to showcase different kinds of music too.

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