Dean Young releases new single “Alibis” in memory of long-time friend Adam Wallington

Dean Young has released the brand new single “Alibis” in memory of long-time friend and co-writer Adam Wallington. “Alibis” was written back in 1998 by Young and Wallington, but put on hold over the years as the two writers always wanted to give the song a more “country feel” to coincide with Young’s strong country sound and style.

Unfortunately, the talented duo were not able to continue their work on “Alibis” as Wallington, was diagnosed with ALS at the young age of 46 in 2020. On January 24th 2021, sadly, Wallington passed away.

“Adam, was a fantastic writing partner, a bandmate (New York Minute) and an incredible support in working on/producing my demos for Makin’ A Life and the launch of that album.  

He produced the contest video for Last Man Standing and we shared the stage again at Hugh’s room (Toronto) in early 2016 where we performed it live for judges. Adam had this incredible deep, smooth and very soulful singing voice that was one of a kind. I can honestly say, I’m still in shock that he’s gone.” Young emotionally shared to his official Facebook page.

Young has now released “Alibis” as a single, in memory of his good friend Wallington. The new track is raw and real and proves Young’s artistry is stronger than ever. Despite having a more Americana sound than Young’s traditional country releases, “Alibis” is still an amazing song regardless of genre. Young had recorded the song and had it mastered “as is” to preserve the memories he had created with Wallington as they worked on the song. 

“Alibis” is a testament to great music, friendship, and proving that music can be used during a time of healing. You can listen to “Alibis” for yourself. The song can be found on platforms Spotify and Apple Music. You can also check out the beautiful visualizer for “Alibis” that Young has shared on YouTube. 

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