Ariel Posen releases lyric video for “Heart By Heart”

Acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Ariel Posen has unveiled a new track from his upcoming LP, Headway, which is out next week.

The single, “Heart By Heart” is written

“from the perspective of yourself but talking to someone special to you, who may be having a hard time with their life,” says Posen. “Whether just a friend or a partner, the idea of the song is just constantly reminding the person that they can trust you, and I’ll be here when you’re ready, but there is no rush. The idea of knowing somebody’s heart, by heart is to say that you completely and utterly understand them.”

Posen’s music occupies the space between genres. It’s a rootsy sound that nods to his influences — heartland rock & roll, electrified Americana, blue-eyed soul, R&B, Beatles-inspired pop — while still moving forward, pushing Posen into territory that’s uniquely his own. He turns a new corner with Headway, a solo album that finds the songwriter taking stock of his personal and musical progress.

Check out the lyric video for “Heart By Heart” below, and stay up to date with Posen via his socials.

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